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When is the best time for my ultrasound?

This totally depends on what you want to see.

Heartbeat can usually be visualized after 6 weeks. 

If you come in before that time the baby is too small to see on an abdominal ultrasound.

Gender determination can be done after 13 weeks. If, for some reason, it can not be done at 13 weeks you are able to return at no charge to confirm.

4D can be done at anytime, the picture quality is dependent on size of baby.

At 14 weeks the baby would fit in your hand so it will appear small and won't have baby fat yet, but they do move around and many parents like to see the baby in 4D during the gender check appointment.

If you are looking to come in one time during a pregnancy and want chubby cheek pics then 28-32 weeks is recommended.

If you want to see baby twice you can really see how baby is growing. After the first appointment, generally at 14-24 weeks, you will be given a recommended time to return.

Do I need a full bladder?

For heartbeat checks we recommend not using the restroom for one hour before your appopintment.

I want you to enjoy every moment of your experience, and that means you don't have to squirm because of a full bladder during your appointment. 

Do I need to drink water before my appointment?

Yes, but not just an hour before, as that only fills up your bladder. The most important thing to remember is to be well hydrated every day. That usually means drinking the recommended gallon a day. I know it's a lot, but, it really does help to make sure you do this for at least the two days before your appointment. If you are dehydrated your pics will not come out as well and you may have to return a few days later to complete your session. 

How many people can join me?

As many as you are comfortable with having. There is seating for 10 but we can pack the room if you have more.